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emmazhouzhou 2018/04/17 13:52:39 3 2
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neïl ELLEUCH 2018/07/05 03:39:23 0 0
Hey Now pva instagram fill up all the boxes but than at the macro 50 : mouse emulator it click on register with facebook so it get stuck but if i click manually to continue register the program can finish registration.I hope i gave a clear resume
Asilzade 2019/07/10 21:49:01 1 0
Hello there. I'm thinking of getting the Gmail builder and Instagram builder. The negativity I read here affects me. Do these two programs actually work? Do we have the right to return? Does the SMS validation problem also persist? Are opened accounts blocked? Does the user open without proxy
cody 2022/01/03 02:56:08 0 0
Hello how do I know which cheapest number on 5 sim?Can I make Gmail without sms??Wen I try Russia it won't work number not usable
Interested man 2021/12/17 02:37:33 0 0
Hello I have run an experiment and created a Reddit account manually from my browser and checked after 36 hours - account was not shadowbanned, everything all right,Then I created an account with same with same username, password etc. setting but using yours Reddit PVA account creator - account got shadowbanned.Its not the first time I run this experiment which proves that's something about this PVAcreator Reddit...
abhishek-a 2021/06/27 01:58:50 0 0
PVA creator not working with phone number verification it just get crash and move to other in list. .
SmSmAleX 2021/06/20 19:50:45 0 0
hello,after update pva creator when i run twitter campaign first screen type random name only and the browser is closed atomicallyand open next account and same problemi use software from 1 year and i know every thing on itwhat the problem
Cleaverix 2021/07/25 03:41:26 0 0
All drivers and files are installed. I did everything correctly. correct in my settings. Yahoo stays on this white page after filling in name, username, password, date of birth. Normally the phone number should come. When I look at the sms verification site, it seems to have received the number, everything works.please help i have been struggling for hours. where is the problem?
Nishant Kaundal 2021/09/11 02:05:52 0 0
Facing these problems :Occassionaly program exists itself while campaign is runningIt stops working at the date of birth sectionIf i enter DOB myself, it doesn't work.Need specialist to fix this for me
redstudiosxx 2020/08/28 08:13:17 4 0
After completing captcha it just loops on "executing find control" and executing "if" and the account is never made. Do any of your programs work? Stop charging so much and marketing to people a fraudulent program. I spent my hard-earned money on this and was hoping to get a return on my investment but now it looks like I have wasted money and TIME! I will be asking for a refund. Your account creation software...
madbhr 2018/06/16 08:03:58 0 0
I took it to create an account, but I can not runhow to instagram account create ?...
joujgh 2021/05/29 12:04:51 0 0
hello , i need correct imap or pop3 config  to get auto confirmation code in campaigns when i try create instagram by outlook its failed , only manually confirmation code (( , any solution ?
dynastmui 2021/05/22 15:51:05 0 0
Extractor file failed! PVACreator...
Alan2115 2021/04/25 07:32:11 0 0
Hey, I have a problem with setting up a Gmail account when I create a task and run it, after a while the browser window pops up and closes.Does anyone know how to fix it?
Mibrahi4 2021/04/21 08:00:53 0 0
Every time I tried to open PVA CreatorWeb site "System Is Upgrading" always appearThis message still exist for more than 3 days
Joystiff 2021/04/11 04:38:45 0 0
I downloaded the software that I purchased and it does not allow me to open it. I am on Mac OS using a windows 7 (64 bit) virtual machine on virtual box. Once downloaded I try to open it and I receive an error saying it can not be opened and the unzipped file is invalid . I have unzipped it but that does not help me to open and run the software that I have just downloaded. Someone please help me.
my name is Jeff 2019/06/09 11:42:22 0 0
Just download PVA creator and it's not working  
Kaze Sensei 2021/03/14 00:41:46 0 0
Im new to the software I bought this software 2 weeks ago I added hq http proxies, working emails and passwords. Everytime when I try to start the software everything goes right until when the auto debug clicks on sign up i get 0 created accounts I tried many times with different hq proxies nothing is working can somebody help me.
1997yizhe 2019/08/24 17:08:31 0 0
I have some presale questions.1) Does PVAcreator for IG version support create accounts using only phone number?2) Does PVAcreator support 5sim.net for sms verification?
DJ Jones 2021/03/14 09:43:30 0 0
How do i use getsmscode in the latest version? 
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