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All Reddit accounts created with PVA creator get shadowbanned. Fix?

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Hello I have run an experiment and created a Reddit account manually from my browser and checked after 36 hours - account was not shadowbanned, everything all right,

Then I created an account with same with same username, password etc. setting but using yours Reddit PVA account creator - account got shadowbanned.

Its not the first time I run this experiment which proves that's something about this PVAcreator Reddit algorithm detects and shadowbanns the account.

Fingerprinting in anyway doesn't fix it - I tried a lot of things. Do you have a solution for this problem? Maybe you could update the version of Pva creator and fix the Reddit creator that doesn't serve its purpose.

Before I was planning to buy Your full version of PVAcreator for 1534$ but now Im considering getting refund since the Reddit program doesn't serve its purpose if all accounts get shadowbanned.

I already filled this complaint and got and obvious not working solution form one of the supporters.

2022/01/27 18:16:51

Sir, our reddit is working properly now

This is our youtube video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gYTvMr7cIs

About account shadowbanned question, I could provide you some suggestion:

1.Please try to create accounts with different proxies. We do not recomment to use free proxy list
2.Once the account is created successfully, then login in with the same proxy. Then your account can keep alive for a long time.
3.You'd better take a while to keep it warm, such as you can edit its avatar, update its bio, and send mail to others, etc. Then the account can keep longer.
4.Because we are using sms service, it is One-time phone number, can not get verified twice.
5.Also if possible, you'd better to add recovery email address and verify it through your own phone number.

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