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PVACreator Hotmail!

ReplyThanks 2021/02/08 18:58:12 0 0
Hello! Could anyone help me create hotmail accounts? when to come to the captcha part the window close all the time. Also does 2captha still works with the program?
Dora Smith
2021/02/09 17:12:04


Yeah, it works fine.

Is there any funds in your 2captcha account?

Can you tell what error messages you got here?

2021/02/10 19:43:02

Im getting this message! I have tried everything! With Proxy, without proxy, with 2captchas, manually, with deathbycaptcha, I increased the debug time but nothing works. I have money on all the captcha accounts and Im using the right key! One of your colleagues tried with Any Desk but it wasn't possible. I just don't understand how is possible with your program and not with mine What can I do?

Dora Smith
2021/02/18 15:46:19


Sorry for the late reply.

We came back to work after the holiday.

Did you fill in the registration information correctly?

You can refer to this tutorial to use it first.


Please visit the following address to contact us.


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