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Kithu Joby

How to upload Proxy to Tubeassistpro

ReplyThanks 2019/07/17 23:47:28 0 0

I have bought around 40 proxies but could not upload it. Please tell step by step procedure to upload this 40 proxies at a single click thereafter i have to buy 1,00,000 proxies.

all my 40 proxies are in this format etc etc.

How to upload these proxies and run the task..iam beginner please tell step by step to do it.

2019/07/18 18:00:55
I think you have put a support ticket already,let's discuss about this there.
2019/09/21 11:19:40

I have the same issue, please tell me what should I do ?


2019/09/23 09:57:49

Here are steps:

1. choose account(s).

2. click proxy.

3. add proxy one by one or import the proxy from a txt or csv file.

4. choose proxy.

5. bind proxy. Please check loop to bind all accounts if you do not have enough proxies, one proxy can be used on 2-3 accounts.

6. click ok.

2020/12/24 05:25:19
I can't see these options on my account. I have the latest versio Pro3 What's the matter?
Anna Zhou
2020/12/25 16:33:43

Hi peterg, Pro3 is the newest version, it is different from the old version.

to bind proxy:

1. click "Proxy Manager" to import proxies first

2. check all accounts, click "Proxy" to bind each account a proxy:

If your problem has not been solved, please create a support ticket at http://support.whitehatbox.com/. Thanks.

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