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  • Hi whitehatbox, I bought TubeAssistPro (TAP) yesterday, so I tried to know how it work but It’s so hard to me. I have some questions please tell me the answers 1.      1. I’m following these step         Choose accounts => set proxy to them => click “IP icon” to  bind proxy => choose task and run         Am I right ? 2.       2. Can I set many proxies for 1 account in 1 step, as you can see that proxy doesn’t stable, its easy to die, so it takes me too much time to set proxy again 3.       3. Is there something wrong with “find and view video” module ? I set up account source, keyword search and video source, after that TAP don’t click on my video, it search and click another video 4.       4. I’m using standard ver with 5 accounts, can I upgrade to unlimited account version ? 5.       5. When I update to v3.3.1.3 version, there is a error with close “Bind Proxy” tab, I have to “End task” TAP in “Task Manager” 6.       6. Can TAP search and view video on channel page, because search module not work as well ? 7.       7.       7. I want to set up: -          Choose account with 1 proxy -          Search video with keywords -          Click and view my video -          Comment / like / dislike / sub -          Close browser then login to next account with another proxy and do that task again         Can you give me a sample task in new version ? Sorry for my bad english
  • 2019-09-12 05:22