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  • Hello I have run an experiment and created a Reddit account manually from my browser and checked after 36 hours - account was not shadowbanned, everything all right, Then I created an account with same with same username, password etc. setting but using yours Reddit PVA account creator - account got shadowbanned. Its not the first time I run this experiment which proves that's something about this PVAcreator Reddit algorithm detects and shadowbanns the account.  Fingerprinting in anyway doesn't fix it - I tried a lot of things. Do you have a solution for this problem? Maybe you could update the version of Pva creator and fix the Reddit creator that doesn't serve its purpose. Before I was planning to buy Your full version of PVAcreator for 1534$ but now Im considering getting refund since the Reddit program doesn't serve its purpose if all accounts get shadowbanned.  I already filled this complaint and got and obvious not working solution form one of the supporters.
  • 1-27 18:16