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Replace Protected Keyword to List Of Keywords

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I want to know how to replace a protected keyword to a list of my own keywords then spin it as amount as my list keyword.

For example :

I {love|like|adore} Name.

Name is a protected keyword. I have a bunch of keyword replacement

1. Amy

2. Annie

3. Andy

4. etc until 100.

I want spin it become 100 diffrent sentence or article based amount of list of name.


Laura Lee
2021/10/13 10:56:17


You can use the list spin feature.

2021/10/13 11:35:00

Hi Laura

Updated sentences

I {love|like|adore} Name1, But He {love|like|adore} Name1 Too.

I want Name1 and Name2 is the same keyword when i spin it. How can i set up this?

Laura Lee
2021/10/13 14:19:12
I'm afraid this can not be achieved at the moment. Please understand. :)
2021/10/15 07:18:43

one more question laura,

If i have sentence like this.

{1|2|3|4|5|6|7} persons will {go|attend|join} to the summit.

I want generate only 7 diffrent sentences based amount of KW at the bebining of sentence. Can I do that?

Laura Lee
2021/10/15 14:24:38

{1|2|3|4|5|6|7} persons will go to the summit.

This form can allow you to generate only 7 different sentences based amount of KW at the beginning of the sentence.

{1|2|3|4|5|6|7} persons will {go|attend|join} to the summit.

But this form will be out of control. The spun sentence may be as follows:

1 persions will go to the submit.

1 persons will join to the submit.

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