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Script to comment under recently uploaded videos

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Hi, in regards to my previous post, I would appreciate if someone could tell me whether or not there is a task I can run to auto comment under videos like this. (all from one, main account)

1. Search a keyword

2. Comment under all recently uploaded videos with the keyword for "x" amount of videos

Whenever I try to do this on my own, my comments stop appearing on other accounts due to spam reasons. Is there a way to do this with TubeAssist that lets me comment like 500+ times without them being marked as spam?

(the comments dont have links, just stuff like "I like this video", etc.

Anna Zhou
2020/11/20 17:20:39

You can try as following:

If you problem still not sovled, please create a support ticket at http://support.whitehatbox.com/. Thanks.

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