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Youtube plays

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Hello! Can you use the bot for youtube plays?
Dora Smith
2020/05/11 16:28:20

Yes, it can be used to play videos.

Or you can also look at another software that can be used to view youtube videos.


Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

2020/05/11 17:46:43
Why I cant run more than 1 task at the same time? I have 5 task configured, I supposed to get 5 windows right? All I get its one task running and all the other waiting.
Dora Smith
2020/05/27 13:54:45


Hello. We had replied to you in another post. Please check it.


2020/12/15 02:47:08

Hello! Im trying to do some YouTube plays but I dont get any! What can I do?

How will you set up the finger print and the blind for YouTube?

Dora Smith
2020/12/30 14:51:42


Please use highly anonymous http proxy. Make sure that the proxy is highly anonymous and the real IP will not be exposed. Increase the page stay time appropriately.

Regarding youtibe, you can set like this.

If you need more help, you can contact us vis following address.


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