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SpinnerChief 6 Still Not Loading

ReplyThanks 2019/12/09 22:02:04 0 0

Hi I have done the update now i get this error message

thank you

Lily Brown
2019/12/10 17:15:09
Please delete the files in the Fonts folder in the software directory and try again.
2019/12/10 19:16:03

Hi I have deleted the files in the Fonts folder and still the same

thank you

Lily Brown
2019/12/11 13:54:48
Please delete the downloaded SpinnerChief and re-download it. The latest version of SpinnerChief 6 is v10.3.0.5.
2019/12/11 22:47:45
it is working now, thank you very much
Lily Brown
2019/12/12 15:04:44
You're welcome. Glad to help.
2019/12/22 02:28:36
I have tried all ideas from both this and the other post - uninstall/reinstall, open it as admin directly in the folder, download the software standalone and tried that one, tried running the WhbPack file in the program folder (nothing happens there...) and so on... and the program still isn't working at all, it just stops on the load screen and then nothing happens...
Lily Brown
2019/12/25 14:28:56
I sent you a download address in another post, please check it first, or you can try to re-download the software in WhiteHatBox v1.3.5(Download address:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s0lrIplUVXZbtghl46Jzr1F5laxRaUlC/view?usp=sharing


Or you can contact support by sending an email to [email protected].

2019/12/28 00:39:45

HI Lily

I already use whitehatbox 1.3.5, you download link in the other post didn't make any different as downloading the witehatbox again from the link here didn't either - I have contacted the support now to see if they can do anything

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